About us

A famous name in snacks

Potato crisps, nachos. We’re hooked on crispy, crunchy snacks made from the best potatoes and corn. Our passion for delicious snacks has earned our family chip factory a strong reputation as an international private label manufacturer.

A brief introduction

Roger & Roger is owned by the Dick family, a leading name in the Belgian food industry. We began production of potato and corn snacks in Mouscron in 1999. Under our motto ‘A FAMOUS NAME IN SNACKS’ we are able to draw on more than 20 years’ experience as a dedicated, preferred supplier of top-quality crisps. We export our snacks to around 20 countries.



An enthusiastic, flexible and ambitious team of some 350 employees control the whole production chain for our extensive range, from the selection of potatoes to packaging and distribution. With a focus on quality, efficiency, innovation and sustainability.

Big in private labels

Most of our production is destined for private labels. Almost all retailers offer a wide range of our products under their own label. We target intensive long-term relationships with our private label customers to ensure we meet their specific needs in terms of quality. We do our utmost to constantly improve and optimise our partnership, so that they are able to offer their customers the tastiest potato crisps and nachos.


  • 1999: Formation
  • 2004: Acquisition of the Croky-Benelux brand
  • 2008: Switch to 100% high oleic sunflower oil
  • 2010: New hand-cooked chip product line
  • 2012: New nacho chip product line
  • 2013: Full warehouse automation
  • 2014: Continued automation, installation of a new taste platform, new packaging line
  • 2015: Installation of a second hand-cooked chip product line, opening of the R&D laboratory
  • 2016: Opening of a second automated warehouse, new washing installation, installation of a second nacho chip product line
  • 2017: Installation of a third nacho chip product line
  • 2018: New (organic) potato chip production line to increase production capacity

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